Can you be sure if the mileage on a car is genuine?

If you are looking to buy a second hand vehicle there are a number of points that you need to consider. One of them is mileage as many parts on a car are only designed to last a certain number of miles before they need to be replaced – such as a cambelt.

If you go to look at a car which is very low mileage for its age, you may have doubts as to whether the mileage is genuine. On average, most cars do about ten thousand miles per annum. If you have a ten year old car and the owner is claiming that it has only done two thousand miles then alarm bells may start to ring. It may be genuine if the car has only been used for going back and forth to the local shop but it is always worth investigating a little further. As part of the HPI check you can also pay to have a mileage check carried out. This will detail the mileage on MOT’s plus any declared mileage on a log book when the car has been previously sold.

Physically there are also things that you can check for to confirm the mileage. If the interior quite scruffy or splits in the seats you can safely assume that it has been used a fair bit.