Choosing the correct tyres for your vehicle

Tyres are an integral part of your vehicle and should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure optimum safety.

When it comes to replacing tyres, you may be surprised by the wide selection available. If you go to a garage they may only give you two or three prices for budget, standard and premium tyres but if you search online you will see there are hundreds of tyres that fit into these categories. You may not even know what size tyre you need let alone speed rating etc, but if you have a look at the tyres that are already on your vehicle, as long as they are the right ones, you can get all the information from there. Many car garages will try and upsell you on tyres stating that for a little bit more money you can get a lot better quality tyre, but this is not always true.

You may assume that with budget tyres they will underperform in many areas but this is not always the case. You can pick up some tyres that seem to perform well in a number of areas but are still quite cheap. Many people chose budget tyres simply because they are the cheapest but if they are of poor quality, often they will not only wear quicker making it false economy but also the fuel efficiency will be lower too.