Is the motor industry male oriented?

Historically car garages and car showrooms were very male oriented but over the last few decades more and more women are coming in to the industry and many of them are proving very successful. Car sales especially was often thought of as a job for a man, but many car sales women have proved that they can sell cars just as well or even better. People are happy to buy a car off a man or a women as long as they seem to know what they are talking about and are not too pushy. Some people have said that they would actually prefer to buy a car off a women as they feel they are usually not pressured as much and that they are listened to more.

If you are a women looking to go in to the car industry then there are a huge number of opportunities open to you. Why not have a look and see what takes your interest. Even if you have no experience, many roles offer on the job training or the chance to do an apprenticeship.  There are also a number of very successful female car mechanics who work with some of the major car manufactures.