Preparing your car for an MOT

The dreaded MOT time is approaching for your car and you are aware that there may be things that need doing to get it to pass. As a car gets older, the likelihood is the car will need work doing for it to pass an MOT year upon year. Work can range from a few pounds up in to the thousands and sometimes any money you can save it a big help. There are somethings that you can do to make sure that your car doesn’t fail on simple things and also to save a bit of money by allowing you time to buy and fit the parts yourself rather than paying garage premiums.

Wiper blades – the wipers are checked on your vehicle as part of the MOT and if they are not working correctly or have little wear left on the blade then they will fail. Wiper blades can be picked up for less than £5 each but if you wait to have them done at a garage, you may end up pay £20- £30 for each one.

Bulbs – Many of the lights on the vehicle are checked for the MOT, even the number plate light! Again you can often get a set of bulbs for under £10 where as a garage may charge you at least double that. Some garages will even charge you labour to fit the bulbs as well, often something that you could have done yourself at home.

Fluid levels – All fluid levels should be within the ranges specified by the car manufacture. Check oil levels, washer fluid and coolant before taking the car in for an MOT.