The Subaru WRX – Everything you’d expect

Subaru lovers will be happy as ever when the WRX is released later this year. Many people have reorders the new model, so what can we expect?

There is a new 2,0-litre, direct injection turbocharged 2,0-litre boxer engine that packs some power. It really is a ferocious engine, and the driver is given full control with manual transmission. There is a smart GPS system with limited controls, while the legendary scoop still exists on the front of the vehicle.

The car has not changed a great deal in terms of design; it’s certainly less boxy than many other Subaru models while those gold toned alloys continue to add a touch of class. If you’re a Subaru fan then you probably won’t be surprised with the features in this model, and perhaps that’s because the previous version was pretty much flawless.