Upgrading your alloys

Most new vehicles come with alloy wheels as standard, but if you chose a cheaper model then you may find that it is an optional extra that you can pay to upgrade. If you have an older car it may have plastic wheel trims instead of Alloys or sometimes people sell the alloy wheels or have to replace them with steel wheels and plastic covers because they have been damaged. Some people do not like having alloy wheels on their car as they understand that they are costly to replace should one get damaged, so would rather have wheel trims that cost a fraction of the price to replace. For others, alloy wheels can really stylise the car and make it look more expensive and sporty.

The cost of alloy wheels ranges from a few hundred pounds upwards of a thousand pounds depending on what size and make you want.

Sometimes damaged caused to alloy wheels can be repaired. The rim of the alloy may be damaged and need to be sanded off and polished in order to get a smooth finish on it. If you do opt to get it repaired then you can expect to be having to pay out in excess of fifty pounds per wheel. ddmmarketing.co.uk