Adding a garage extension to your home

Many modern homes are now built without a garage and instead have one or two parking spaces. This could possibly be to cut down on the building costs for the developer, but it leaves families with problems to do with storage and security, as a garden shed, which many people install, can never be as secure as a brick built garage.

If there is the space to do so many people choose to build a garage extension onto their house. The garage can be built onto the house and a doorway made through from the house into the garage or the garage could be built next to the house. The former is probably the best in terms of using the garage as part of the property perhaps for storage or as a utility area, but this will involve more work by the builder and therefore more cost however the finished job will be more satisfactory to the householder.

It will be necessary to obtain the required permissions from the local council before building takes place and if there is any possibility that a second storey extension may be added at a later date the foundations for the walls and the walls themselves will need to be substantial.