Are we all going to be driving electric cars in the next ten years?

The current government is encouraging us all to think about switching to electric cars as the pollution levels across the world rise at a tremendous rate causing a growing number of health issues but is it really feasible to expect us all to do this in the near future?

Up until recently the main concern was the range an electric car could travel on a single charge, but it has been shown that newer electric cars have a range exceeding two hundred miles. So, what are the current benefits and drawbacks for the customer thinking of switching?

The benefit to the environment is probably the most important reason that people would say they are considering an electric car followed by the less expensive running costs. If you live in an urban area where air pollution is a massive problem it is a reminder of the environmental impact that diesel and petrol cars are having but it is often these people that face the biggest problem as a significant amount of drivers who live in cities do not have a driveway or a garage so charging their car may be an issue for them. Government bodies will need to consider the issue in town planning models if they want to move forward in this technology and provide more roadside charging points that can be accessed easily.