Are you finding that your car is too large for your current needs?

When our families are growing, we can never seem to have enough space in our vehicles. Preparing for holiday trips is usually a nightmare as we try to fit children, dogs, suitcases and beach paraphernalia into our family car sometimes having to resort to buying a roof rack or box to accommodate bikes and scooters, but as our children leave home some of us find that the advantages of running a smaller vehicle outweigh the need for a larger one.

As many people are now looking to reduce their monthly outgoings downsizing your car is one way to achieve this as a smaller car will generally be cheaper to run. Vauxhall have recently launched their Corsa-e so if you want to make even greater savings a switch to an electric car is a wise move.

Many of the new compact car manufacturers have realised that people still need to do shopping, so a bigger boot space has been a recent welcome feature in this sector.

If you are looking for a smaller car that still has a premium quality feel, then the Audi A1 is a must buy as it combines style and power but obviously with a higher price tag.