Are you losing heat out of your garage?

This time of the year is never very pleasant in terms of the weather, but this year has been harder than ever for many. Parts of the UK have experienced extremely cold weather with the temperature often dropping below -8 degrees and on top of the gas and electricity prices have hit an all time high. As so many people are struggling to heat their homes and stay warm, it is vital that we try and do whatever we can to reduce the amount of heat lost. If you have a garage that is attached to your home, then you may find that there is a big draft whenever you open the door. This shows that there is little or no insulation and that a lot of your heat will be escaping that way when you open the door. There are several ways in which you may be losing heat through your garage, but the main one is through the garage door. If the door does not fit properly then you will find that there are gaps. These may only appear small but you can often feel the air coming through. Not only can you lose heat through an ill fitting garage door but also through the door itself. If it is not insulated then heat can pass through the skin of the door.