Buying a new car for 2019?

If you are thinking of buying a new car this year then you may want to wait to see whats coming out in the year ahead before signing the order for a model you have had your eye on for a while.
Each year manufactures release facelift or improved versions of some of the models that have been going for years, but every so often they will release an entirely new model. Before the relase date there is often a lot of hype about the new model and the manufacturer will often give all the information about what it comes with as standard and optional extras that you may wish to purchase when placing your order.
Toyota recently revealed its third-generation Auris family car, but has since announced that it will instead be called the Corolla, a name that hasn’t been used since 2006. The corolla was sold for a number of years and was quite popular during its time. It was renowned for its reliability and benefited from the Toyota brand. The new Corolla that is due to be released later this year is said to rival the Ford Focus and will be available to buy in a hatchback, saloon or estate version.