Buying a private number plate

If you are looking for a quirky gift for the avid car lover or just want to get something a little personal for yourself or a loved one, then a private number plate may be perfect.

A private number plate also known as a cherished plate or personalised number plate is a plate that has been selected by the owner or someone else to be assigned to a vehicle. Unlike a car number plate that is assigned when the vehicle is new at the dealership, theses number plates do not always have the same number of letters and numbers of in the same order.  These are normally associated with a name / nickname / date of birth or company names and are growing in popularity. There are very strict rules that apply to private number plates concerning spacing, combination of numbers and letters you can have and even the word they are trying to suggest so do not think that you can just have carte blanch.

If you are not sure which one you want or what combinations you can have, there are plenty of companies out there that will find a plate that closely matches your request.