Car maintenance checks at your local garage

At this time of the year our cars can let us down if they are not properly maintained or not kept in a garage overnight. The cold and sometimes frosty nights affect the car battery and can highlight any other issues the vehicle may have often leading to it failing to start in the morning. Ideally if it is possible to keep the car in a garage this will give some protection from the winter weather, but few people now have this as an option as they prefer to use their garage for other uses such as storage.

Having a winter service carried out at your local garage can save a lot of frustration and so is worthwhile exploring. The service should include checking and replacing oil and other fluids ensuring that antifreeze is added to the coolant system as necessary. Many garages will check the vehicle battery to see whether it is still charging and holding its charge correctly. If there is an issue it means a new battery, but this is vital to avoid problems with starting the car.

If there are any cracks or chips in the car windscreen it is advisable to get these fixed before and really cold weather as the frost can make them a lot worse. Often this can be done through your insurance company if your policy has a windscreen replacement element.