Converting your garage into a kitchen

If you have noticed that your current kitchen it just too small for you and your family, then you may look to convert existing space to give you the room needed. If you have a garage attached to your home then this may be the perfect space to convert into your new kitchen. If your kitchen is already situated next to the garage then you may extend into it to give you ample room. Converting a garage is not easy and you may require planning permission.

You first need to check that the building work for your garage is adequate. You will also need to think about insulation as the walls will probably be only brick. You will need to stud the wall out and then fit insulation between, then plaster board on top. You may also need to insulate the flooring in a similar fashion. This is an important step as it will help retain the heat in your home. If you are having electrics installed in the garage space, you first need to ensure that the room is watertight. If you are having a new roof then it is best to get this installed first. You may decide to change a flat roof for a pitched roof to match the rest of your house.

The first fix of the electrics and any plumbing should be installed prior to plaster boarding. This will allow the cables and piping to be hidden where possible. You may need to think about drainage if you do not already have some in the garage as this can be a lot of work. A builder will be able to advise you on what drainage you need and where it needs to be created.

After you have had the first fix of electrics and plumbing installed you can then get the room plaster boarded and plastered. You may then wish to have the second fix done of the electrics and any appliances installed such as sinks. It may be easier to paint and decorate prior to having cupboards etc installed so you do not risk getting paint on the new work surfaces. The flooring is often the last thing to be fitted. If you do have the flooring installed prior to the decorating be sure to protect it from damage.

The garage may not have had a window in it, so you may want a window installed to allow some natural light in. You should also have ventilation installed to allow for an extractor fan.