England’s roads are causing tyre trouble

With many of England’s roads is quite a bad state, a lot of drivers are concerned about the effect this is having on their car and simply cannot afford to keep forking out for new tyres, wheels or suspension.

Tyre damage can happen at any time and can make your vehicle very unsafe, which is why it is vital to check them over carefully as often as you can. You may have noticed that your tyres have not been gripping the road as well or that you have had the tyres on the car for some time now and they appear to have worn down or even perished. In this instance they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Pot holes are a massive cause of tyre damage, regardless of how old the tyre is or the tread left on it. Hitting a pot pole at the wrong angle or at speed can cause significant damage and may even buckle the wheel meanings its not just a tyre you have to fork out for.  Prices vary drastically for the cost of a tyre depending upon if you want new or part worn and what size you need. Also the make of the tyre can have a huge impact on the price.