Garage door safety and security

Many of us have garages at our homes, either stand alone or attached to our houses. Your garage may be used to store your vehicle, tools and gardening equipment such as lawn mowers or even as a gym. Its important that we consider our garage security the same way we consider our home security. If the garage is attached to the house, then it may be used as easy access into the home.

If you have a remote for your garage door then make sure it is kept out of reach of children. Not only may they accidentally open it, leaving you vulnerable to a theft but they could hurt themselves or others. On all electric garage doors there is an emergency release button or lever and it is important that you know exactly where this is and how to use it should you need to.

Garage doors, like any mechanical part can at times develop faults. Sometimes these faults are easy to see, such as a wire that has been chewed. This could be a massive safety risk. You can easily avoid something like this becoming dangerous by visually inspecting your garage door whenever possible and repairing it as soon as you notice a fault.

When going on holiday, if possible, you should unplug your garage door. This stops people opening it with any sort of remote and helps keep your home more secure.