Garages- what do you use yours for?

Having a garage to house your vehicle at a property is often a luxury especially if you live in an inner city area. In a more rural area it is more common but how often do people actually use a garage for the purpose it was designed for and if not what are we using this valuable space for?

The majority of homeowners who do not house their vehicle in the garage use their garages for additional storage space. They are often used to store garden furniture during the winter months and gardening equipment such as lawnmowers and gardening tools throughout the year. Whilst some people prefer to use a garden shed to store this equipment they may not have an available space in the garden for a shed and so have to resort to using the garage.

Garages are sometimes used as an additional room possibly as a laundry room with a washing machine and tumble dryer fitted or even a games room for a growing family to use. As people become more health conscious some garages are converted into a gym with bulky equipment such as running machines and weightlifting equipment in them rather than being in a room in the house. Whatever the space is used for properties with a garage are always going to be in demand.