Have potholes damaged your car?

The state of many of the roads in the UK after the winter months is appalling with potholes on many stretches but should you take your car into a garage for an assessment if you think there has been some damaged done to it by hitting a pothole?

If you hit a pothole whilst driving it is important to stop when safe to do so and check the tyres to make sure they are not damaged making it unsafe to continue driving. If the tyres are damaged you may need to call breakdown recovery to take you to a nearby garage to have the tyre replaced. If at all possible take a photograph of the pothole in case you need to make a claim with the local council.

In some cases, the damaged is not obvious straight away but if the pothole is particularly deep it could be that there are serious issues with the vehicle suspension that can only be diagnosed by a mechanic at a garage where they will be able to raise the car on the ramp and inspect the underside of it. Make sure that you get quotes for any work that needs doing at the garage so that you can contact the council and make a claim.