Having a garage built on the side of your home

If you have a property that doesn’t have a garage then yu may decide to get one built. You can either chose to have a stand alone garage or one that is attached to your home. You also need to think carefully about if you want the foundations to be built deep enough to allow you to build a second story on the top of it should you decide you want to at a later date. All of these choices will have an impact on the cost so it is important to ensure that you are still within your budget.

You should consider what is important for you to have and what you could do without. For example, if you want the garage to just be a place to store your car over night then you need not worry about having windows etc. IF the garage is going to double up as a gym or a workshop then you may want to install a window or rooflight and also heating. You may be able to easily install a radiator in your new garage which will make it a nicer place to spend time it especially during the colder months.