Install electric charging in your garage

As more and more of us are purchasing electric vehicles, the problem of where to charge them is becoming an issue for many drivers. It has been reported that in the future all new builds will need to have the facilities to charge an electric vehicle as standard but for many homeowners charging points will need to be fitted.

If you have a garage at your property it is a good idea to look into installing a charging point in the garage so that your car can be kept in the garage as it is charging, keeping it secure. So, what is involved in installing a charging point in the garage?

The first thing is to find a professional electrician to come out and give you a quote for the work.

It is important that you have charging points that are compatible with a wide range of EVs as there are a range of voltage types available. The Type 27kW charger is the most common option as this can be compatible with all the new and best-selling electric vehicles in the market. Wall installations are the most commonly installed electric plug points, however, sockets that are installed on posts are also an option. The latter is more expensive than the former as electricity needs to be supplied to the post from under the ground. There is currently a Government grant available of £350 that can be claim towards the cost of an electric charger reducing the cost of installing a charge point in your garage.