Installing an electric car charging point in your garage

If you are considering buying an electric car they you may need to get a charging point installed in your garage. Although there are charging points located in public places, these may not be very practical to you. You ideally want to have your car on charge overnight so it is ready to use the next day. Some people worry about the safety of car charging points which is why they always need to be installed by a professional. You may theoretically be able to use a normal socket to charge your car with the right lead but this may be a safety issue and may not be practical as you will have to have to have it plugged in possibly for hours on end.

If you want a charging point installed in your home then a qualified electrician will need to come and have a look at the location. They will need to check if it is safe to install one and whether it is possible to install it in a suitable location. If you have a large garage it would be an ideal place to have it installed as you can then park your car up overnight. The charging units are waterproof and weather proof but it is better to keep them protected if possible. The cables used to charge electric vehicles are not very long at all so you need to ensure that you can pull the car right up to the charging point and leave it there without it being in the way of anything else.