Is it worth paying extra to buy a car from a garage?

When it comes to buying a second hand car you have to chose whether to buy from a garage or a private seller. If buying from a garage you should also consider if you are going to buy from a amin dealer or an independent garage. This is often dictated by the budget you have to spend. If you only have a small budget then you may have to buy private or from a smaller independent garage, but if buying a more expensive car then you have more choice. Although you do often end up having to pay more from a dealership than if you were buying a car from a main dealer, you should get some perks with it such as a warranty. Depending on what car you buy and where you buy it from the warranty often ranges from 30 days up to 12 months. If the car is quite new you may still be covered under the manufactures warranty.

If you have a car to part exchange in then you will want to get the most for it as possible. Exchanging your car again a car that costs quite a lot will often mean you will get offered more for yours. If part exchanging against a cheaper car, then you may well not get as much as you would like. You will get more for your car if you sell it privately but often people can not be doing with the hassle of trying to sell it themselves.