Is your garage secure?

Many of us use our garages as another place to store goods. It may be that you do not keep your car in the garage but instead use it as a workshop or a place to store your tools and equipment when not in use. Often when thieves are looking for places to target, they will start by trying to find out what there is that is worth stealing and how hard it would be to get in and out. You may not even notice the person walking down the street, watching as you unload your tools from your van into your garage or open up the garage doors to reveal your expensive bikes. This is often the first step to becoming a victim. You need to ensure that you think carefully about the security of your garage. Have you got more than one entry point into the garage and are they all secured as much as possible? If you rarely open the main garage doors and have a second entry point, you may want to install a locking system which can only be operated from the inside. This will make it harder for them to gain entry. You may also want to consider installing a CCTV system above the garage doors where it is in view. Sometimes this is enough of a deterrent put thieves off. Ensure that you select a high-quality garage door that offers amply security.