Organising your garage space and tossing out the rubbish

It is so easy to use your garage space as a dumping ground and if you are not carefully you will find a few years down the line that you cannot use your garage in a practical way as it is full of items that you no longer use or often need. This can then mean it becomes a massive task to sort it out, one which many of us put off again and again. Ideally you want to try and keep on top of it and sort it out often. Cluttered garages severely limit the usefulness of this vital room in your home. Instead of using the garage for parking vehicles, efficient storage or for things like working out, stacked piles of unused junk take over.

When you start to sort out your clutter you may find somethings easy to get rid of such as broken toys or a lawn mower that no longer works, but other items may be a bit more of a challenge. One rule that a lot of professional organisers go by, is if it hasn’t been used in a year you no longer need it. This rule is often true for almost everything and will help you quickly sort through.