Private Plates In The UK – What You Should Know Before Obtaining One

When you buy a car, it’s a general requirement by the law to have it registered. However, many people still don’t know what it entails to have a private plate on their vehicles, and that’s because most of them opt for a general number plate. Well, if you’re looking to install a private plate on your car or vehicle, then this article will help you unravel how to go about it and what it means to have such a plate.

Overview of private plates
It basically involves buying a personalised number, which also gives you the right to assign and display it on your car’s number plate. This vehicle can be registered using your name or that of someone else (who is also known as the nominee).

You can buy a personalised number plate from a DVLA auction or from a dealer/motorist in a private sale. Once that is done, you’ll receive a certificate of entitlement, also known as V750, which shows that you are the rightful owner of the number.

The next step involves assigning that number to the vehicle or your nominee’s vehicle. Then you can have your private plates made up for you. It’s that simple.

Reviewing rights to the plate and making changes if there is need to
You are always open to renew the certificate for a further 1, 2, or 3 years depending on your needs. But keep in mind that every time you renew it, you will have to pay a certain amount of money. Then you can also renew your certificate, alter the details, add or change a nominee using your online account.

How do you transfer or retain a number?
There’s always an option to retain or transfer your number plate to a second party. This will mean that you remove it from your car, and then keep it until you’ll be ready to assign it to someone else. Your insurance provider must know about any changes to your plate number.

Buying private plates at auctions
You can also purchase some exclusive registration numbers at DVLA auctions. These auctions are held about 6 times every year. If you are interested, you can always see in advance the list of numbers coming up for auction in the next session. Then you can bid on phone, by writing, or in person.

Buying from a private dealer or a private number dealer
These private plates can be purchased from motorists who participate in a private sale. After this, there are two certificates that you must be awarded with. The V750 is the certificate for entitlement. V778 is the certificate that shows you’re allowed to retain the private plate. However, when assigning a private plate to a vehicle, keep in mind that it can only be assigned on a vehicle taxed and used in the UK.

These are the very basics that you need to know before obtaining one for your car. These plates are generally costly compared to standard plates which are registered the normal way. However, if you want some identity and you are willing to pay more, then they are never quite a big problem.