Should you attempt car repairs yourself?

Attempting your own car repairs can be a great way to save you money but is it always a good idea? The answer is no, and although there may be some smaller jobs you can do yourself, some jobs should only be undertaken by a trained mechanic.

There are often YouTube videos on how to do pretty much everything in your car and often they seem to make it look quite simple, but it is important to remember that they may have specialist tools to help them do the job or may have even cut the video to only show you the important bits.

The other point to remember is that if you do choose to carry out repairs to your vehicle itself then you will be wholly responsible for ensuring that it is carried out correctly and your vehicle is safe for the roads. So, although you may be able to save a couple of quid by doing repairs and maintenance yourself, is it really worth all the extra hassle and agro? If you do decide that you still want to go ahead then always make sure someone is ideally helping you or at least nearby to be on hand should something go wrong.