Storing your car in your garage

Garages were originally built to be a place to house your car overnight. Over the years less and less people put their car in their garage and instead often use this space for other purposes. It may be that they have converted their garage into a playroom or even a gym.  

If you do still use your garage to store your vehicle in then you need to make sure that it is easily to drive it in and out and that it is secure once inside.

You firstly need to check that the garage is big enough to fit the vehicle in. you not only need to drive it in and out but ensure that you can open the doors easily without bashing the walls. If the vehicle that you want to store in there is a classic car or sports car then you may want to go that extra mile and installing heating in there and even carpet. This is often done more so for vehicles that are going to be stored for a long period of time.

Before storing any vehicle away in a garage for a period of time you should give it a really good clean and ideally a deep polish. This will remove any grim meaning that it is not left with dirt on it for months, which can damage the paintwork.