The Enormous Grill on the new Toyota Yaris

A lot has been made out of the recently released Toyota Yaris pictures, and that’s because the grill is enormous. Almost the entire nose of the car is a grill, but it’s not the type of chrome grill you’ll see on a Bentley. You have to remember this is an affordable hatchback, so it’s merely a large plastic grill, that’s probably three times bigger than the type you’ll often see on a Peugeot.

Other than the Grill, the car has not changed a great deal. The lights look more aggressive, but the look is now steering towards the Toyota Auris. There are still the 1.0-litre, 1.3-litre and the 1.5-litre Hybrid engines, while the Yaris should be able to buy later this year, yet there is no confirmed release date.

Inside, the car is silky smooth. There is a part leather steering wheel, gearstick and plenty of handy controls, while the CD player fits in seemingly with the dashboard. The car has certainly had a facelift, and that’s the main talking point, but only time will tell if i is a change for the better, or the worse.