Use your local garage or lose it

If you live in a village or small town you may be lucky enough to still have a local garage at your disposal and if it still sells fuel you are extremely fortunate. Recently many small garages have stopped selling diesel and petrol as they are unable to make enough profit from their sales and regulations are quite rightly very strict on storage and handling of fuel. When we have a shortage of fuel for any reason it is often the smaller garages that we rely on to provide us with the fuel we need so it is only fair that we use them all year round in normal circumstances.

Many local garages carry out minor repairs and if they do not carry out MOTs themselves will do the work that needs to be done to get your vehicle through its MOT. Some have an arrangement with a nearby MOT station and will take your vehicle for the test for you.

Local garages may not be as cheap as a larger garage especially for jobs such as replacing exhausts and tyres as the larger garages can buy in bulk whereas a smaller concern will need to order single items but as vehicle parts companies will deliver parts out to local garages usually the next day it may be more convenient to use them and pay a little bit extra.