What are the advantages of keeping your car garaged?

Putting your car in the garage used to be a common practice for many car owners but increasingly we now use our garages for anything but housing our cars. They are frequently used for storage purposes mainly for garden tools and outdoor furniture but also for storing bicycles and play equipment. What are the advantages of using your garage as it was intended to be used namely for protecting your car from the elements?

A common question that is asked when you renew your car insurance is where it is kept. If you can honestly reply in a garage to this question it may reduce your insurance premium. Garaging your car also makes it less likely to be stolen or damaged which again can reduce costly premiums.

The damaging effects of the elements especially during the winter months on the car paint and body work will cause the value of the car to depreciate so garaging your car will help to preserve the paintwork and ultimately may result in your car being worth more if you come to sell it.

During the winter months when we are experiencing frosts being able to use the car without the need for de-icing the screen is a much welcomed advantage of keeping the car in the garage and although it is still advisable to use antifreeze in the coolant system the car will have some protection in all but the coldest weathers.