Why do diesel cars cost more?

If you are looking to buy a car or van you may not have realised until now that diesel cars not only cost more to fuel but also to buy initially. Diesel cars can be more expensive than the equivalent petrol version but they also retain their value well, meaning that when it comes time to trade in or sell on, you’ll get more money for it.

The reason they tend to be a bit more expensive is that they tend to do more miles to the gallon than petrol and therefore push the purchase price up. As well, diesel cars tend to last longer – petrol cars may struggle to do more than 150,000 whereas diesel cars will often exceed the two hundred thousand mile mark.

Diesel cars cost more to make (on average) than petrol equivalent and have been designed to last longer, although this is not so much the case with new cars of today.  Another thing to bear in mind when buying a diesel car is the cost of the road tax as often it is much higher on a diesel than the equivalent petrol model. All these extra costs may mean that actually it’s not worth forking out on a diesel car.